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Gavin M. Wax

Opposing the New York Health Act

The New York Health Act (Bill S.5474-Rivera/A.6058-Gottfried) would create a government-controlled single-payer health insurance system in the State of New York. It is no exaggeration to state that this bill if passed, would sound like a death knell for the Empire State. If the New York Health Act became law, most private health insurance would no longer be allowed. Instead,…

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Allowing Nonprofits to Seek Property Tax Exemption

Bill A.7583-Galef would provide a real property tax exemption to nonprofit organizations—including houses of worship—that take title to real property after their municipality’s taxable status date. At present, when a religious corporation, a not-for-profit corporation, or another type of nonprofit organization takes title to real property, that organization may not obtain an exemption from real property taxation until a significant…

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Supporting the Liv Act

The 2019 abortion law known as the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) removed all abortion-related crimes from New York’s criminal code. This action removed certain provisions that had been used by prosecutors to punish offenders who commit violent crimes against pregnant women. The Liv Act (Bill S.2129-Jordan/A.4843-DiPietro) would restore some protections for pregnant women and unborn babies that the RHA removed…

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Opposing Mandated Vaccination Reporting

Bill S.75-Hoylman/A.279-Gottfried would mandate the reporting of certain vaccinations, including COVID-19 vaccinations, to the State of New York and/or the City of New York. This bill contains three basic provisions. First, the bill would require medical practitioners to report all vaccinations of persons aged 19 and older to the state. This provision would change a current law that makes such…

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Supporting the Born Alive Abortion Survivors’ Protection Act

Bill S.2569-Helming/A.4429-Manktelow, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors’ Protection Act, would reinstate and strengthen legal protections for infants born alive as a result of abortion procedures. Prior to the enactment of the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) in 2019, Public Health Law § 4164(2) declared that a viable infant born alive following an abortion performed after 20 weeks’ gestation was entitled to…

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New York Republican Liberty Caucus Chartered

We are pleased to announce the chartering of the New York Republican Liberty Caucus! The NYRLC is the official New York State chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus and is dedicated to working with local Republic Party organizations to invigorate and revitalize the GOP in New York and working to help get candidates who believe in and espouse the principles…

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